We, as individuals, employees, and leaders of Physika Investments, BELIEVE:


Lasting success can only be achieved through dedication to the growth and wellbeing of the individual, not the corporation.


Every employee is responsible for his or her own improvement, the improvement of the corporation, and the improvement of those around them.


We live by the following PRINCIPLES:


Self-Improvement – We are driven to continuously grow and learn. Our happiness is ultimately determined by our ability to challenge one’s thinking and expand our boundaries. The result of personal investment made in pushing our comfort zone will result in immeasurable growth.


Integrity – We live our lives with the highest level of moral and ethical principles. Integrity is the foundation for lasting success.


Humility – We realize there is no such thing as individual success in life and acknowledge those who have helped us along the way. We are grateful for the opportunities we have before us to make a difference.


Idealism – We believe whole-heartedly in what we are called upon to do. We can make the world a safer and better place. The future of our lives, the lives of our family, our community, and our country are at stake and we have the ability and responsibility to make them better.


Faith – We are comforted by knowing there is a God. He has unconditional love for those who believe in Him.


There is a commonality among us exhibited in our CHARACTER TRAITS, and we look for these traits in new employees:


Courage – Have the strength to do what is right at all times, regardless of the consequences.


Honesty – Honesty is integral to everything we do. Honesty leads to trust, and trust is a basic tenant in all forms of human communication.


Unselfishness – We know true happiness comes from being able to give to others and enrich their lives. We accept as much joy and happiness as life offers us but strive to give back more than we receive.


Self-Discipline – We implement change in our lives and have the fortitude to see things through.


Self-Respect – We respect ourselves, which leads to respect for others.


Accountability – We have a responsibility to follow through on our commitments and know that accountability is the foundation of organizational effectiveness.


Dedication to Others – As the company is dedicated to each employee, so are we dedicated to our colleagues’ and our customers’ wellbeing.


As LEADERS, we strive to live by and lead by these additional qualities. Although all should strive to embody these qualities, we require them of our leaders:


Positive – We maintain a positive attitude and help others see the positive in themselves, the company, and the world.


Supportive – We are supportive of others both inside and beyond our department. When dealing with others, we focus first on their good qualities before turning to the areas where we can help them improve.


Team Oriented – We win or lose as a team. There is no room for personal glory or statistics. When one department wins, the entire company wins. Each of us is responsible for everyone’s success.


Emotionally Responsive – We are emotionally aware at all times. We use positive emotions to convey passion, excitement, happiness, approval, gratefulness and fearlessness.


Transparent – We realize that knowledge is power, as is access to information. We put knowledge and information in the hands of our employees, so that the entire organization is as confident and capable.


Tough – We make difficult and unpopular decisions when necessary. We hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable for our actions and decisions.


Inspirational – We accept the responsibility of inspiring those around us. We motivate our colleagues and employees through inspiration.


Proactive – We take initiative and act rather than react. We empower our employees to make decisions and have the patience to accept mistakes.


Solution Oriented – We offer solutions when we identify or discuss problems.


Dedicated – We are dedicated and keep working until the job is done. We focus our energy on the task at hand rather than offering excuses or explanations.


Magnanimous – We give credit where credit is due. We recognize our people and our teams for success but accept personal responsibility for our teams’ failures. We are gracious in defeat, and we allow others to retain their dignity when we triumph.

Because the most valuable asset is peace of mind.




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