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Q: Who Is Physika Investments?

Physika Investments is an Illinois Limited Liability Company that was created to provide investors with an efficient and effective way to buy, store and sell Physical Precious Metals.  We will, in conjunction with other independent vendors, manage the purchase, transportation, storage, record keeping, verification, and sale of Physical Precious Metals.  We provide independent investment advisors, institutional investors and wealth managers with information, news, and data that enables them to better understand economic trends and invest in Physical Precious Metals through the myPhysika™ trading platform.





Q: How does pricing work through the myPhysika™ trading platform?

When you select a trade (buy or sell), we communicate electronically with our supplier network to get real-time pricing for the products involved in your trade.  Your actual buy price is determined upon execution of your order. (Quoted pricing is refreshed every 20 seconds.)


Q: How competitive is the price?

Extremely.  When you take into account the flexibility of your Physical Precious Metals myPhysika™ account; the option of domestic or international storage - or delivery; your account is allocated and not a pool; the account’s access convenience; and the competitive pricing on metal orders (both on the buy and sell side); the value can’t be beat.


With a myPhysika™ account, you can count on consistently getting the best possible execution and very competitive pricing for your purchases, storage and storage.


Q: What is the cost of storage?

Storage rates depend on the value of metals you wish to store. Regardless, they are very competitive, ranging from 0.5% per year for gold, platinum and palladium; to 0.6% for silver.


Q: How does the storage fee work?

Annual fees are billed quarterly and automatically withdrawn from your cash account.  If no cash is present, you will be notified.  If you subsequently fail to respond to requests to pay your storage fees in a timely matter (don’t worry, there’s a 30-day grace period), then, as you would expect, Physika Investments retains the right to redeem the amount of your holdings required to pay for storage.


Q: What Physical Precious Metals are offered?

With your physical precious metals myPhysika™ account, you can buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.  We offer a variety of weights, in the form of bars and coins.


Please note, however, that due to your resident government regulations, certain purchase and storage and locations may not offer coins.  In the streamlined ordering process, you will be shown which metals and purchase options are available to you in each of our international locations.


Q: Are Physical Precious Metals available for storage at all locations?



Q: What type of client accounts can I set up?

We offer individual, joint, corporate, partnership, sole proprietorship, LLC, trust, IRA, and UTMA accounts.


Q: How do I open a Physical Precious Metals IRA account?

By completing an account application and selecting “IRA”, you will be simultaneously establishing an account with the trust company and a myPhysika™ purchasing and storage account.


New Direction IRA, Inc., a well-known IRA administrator, will provide the required administration and hold your funds in trust for you.  Metals will be stored at approved Physika Investments vaults in Delaware, Los Angeles, New York, Salt Lake City, Toronto, or Singapore.


We offer Traditional, Roth, SEP, and SIMPLE IRAs for your convenience.


Q: Can I move funds from an existing IRA into my new myPhysika™ IRA?

Yes!  New Direction IRA will assist you with this process.  Both a transfer and a rollover typically take one to two weeks to complete, as funds need to be transferred from your existing IRA trust company to New Direction IRA, Inc.


Q: How do I create a UTMA account?

Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA), available in 48 U.S. states*, is a provision whereby an adult can transfer wealth to minors. In most states, the minor doesn’t come into possession of the assets until the age of 21.  In some states, the minor must take possession of the assets at age 18.  Check with your tax advisor to learn the UTMA regulations in your state.


If you already have an account with the Physika Investments, you may use your existing user name and password to set up the UTMA account.


As a custodian of that account in the minor’s name, you may buy on their behalf, but you cannot take possession of the metals.


 *UTMA regulations have not been adopted by Vermont and South Carolina.


Q: Do I need an account to purchase Physical Precious Metals?

Yes, to purchase from the Physika Investments, all customers must first sign up for and fund a Physical Precious Metals (myPhysika™®) account.  Like an online brokerage account, your available cash balance, which you can add to or withdraw from at any time, allows you to make trades online.


Once you open your account and it is funded, there is no rush to buy metals.  You can leave the funds in your account as long as you want until you are ready to purchase.


Q: How soon can I begin trading?

Opening an account is fast and convenient through the Physika Investments’ secure online system. Once your application is approved – usually within 24 hours – you can remit funds and begin trading.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept to fund my account?

You can fund your account by check, bank wire, or ACH transfer.  Funding information will be sent to you in an email notifying you that your account is open.  If you fund your account with a check, please be sure to write your Physika Investments account number on the check.


IRA accounts can be funded by check or bank wire, rollover from a 401k, 403b or other similar retirement account, or as a transfer from another IRA account. PLEASE NOTE: IRA contributions must be sent to New Direction IRA, Inc., which will post the funds to your Physical Precious Metals my Physika® IRA within one business day upon receipt.  You’ll receive IRA funding instructions upon approval of your IRA account.


Q: What is the minimum to open an account or to make an investment?

There is a $25,000 minimum -  per client account - to setup your Physika Investments (myPhysika™TM) account.  Our policy applies to all myPhysika™® account types – individual, joint, corporate, partnership, sole proprietorship, LLC, trust account, IRA, and UTMA . There is no minimum on an order, whether it is for delivery or storage at any of our U.S. and international vaulting locations. No minimum order means you’re not restricted.  Buy any of our Physical Precious Metal products, in any quantity, for any of our storage locations, at any time.


Q: Do I have to pay sales tax?

We do not charge sales tax.  However, if you are a U.S. citizen, it is your obligation to report purchases and pay sales tax in at least 21 states, but only if you take delivery.  You may also be responsible for taxes on any realized gains made in your positions, depending on the type of account you have chosen.  You should consult your tax professional to understand your specific tax situation.


Q: Do you charge a Value Added Tax?

No. VAT is not applicable for metal going into storage or delivered to a U.S. address.  However, if you have your metals delivered to an international address, VAT may apply, depending on local laws and where your order was sent from.  Be sure to consult local tax laws before taking delivery.


Q: Describe the trading settlement process?

Your transactions will be posted to your account immediately upon confirming an order.  In situations when the financial markets are closed (holidays or weekends) orders are settled the next business day.


Q: What if I buy or sell and the price goes up/down before my precious metal is shipped?

Once your trade has been accepted and executed, your price has been locked in, regardless of price movement between the trade’s execution and the subsequent delivery of your order.


Q: How am I able to buy when other financial markets are closed?

We, through our wholesaler and dealer network, are providing a price at which you can buy and sell physical precious metals. Thus our platform provides “bid” and “ask” quotes that we can fill through our dealer network. If you wish to sell metals that you have bought through your myPhysika™ account, you have the choice to accept the pricing (“Bid”) we quote or you may take delivery of your physical precious metal(s) and sell to whomever you want, at the price you have negotiated.  The quotes we provided are simply at what price we are willing to buy and sell and may not be what you can get with others.


Q: How long after I buy until the metal is storage in the vault I choose?

Typically, it will be in the vault one business day after your trade is settled. However, depending on the product you bought it could be longer due to local supply and demand.


Q: Where does Physika Investments purchase it Physical Precious Metals?

All orders are filled through wholesale dealers or, in the case of bars, directly with refiners.  Metals ordered for storage are purchased in their respective markets. (An order for metal to be stored in Zurich will typically be purchased in Zurich)


Q: If I store metals in one country can I ship them to another?

Metals purchased and selected for storage at particular location can be stored only in that country. However, you can take delivery from any location, with minimal restrictions.  For example, if you buy gold bars for storage in London, you must store them in London.  Then you can have them shipped to your address of record. (You may change your address of record if you’d like to take delivery at a different location, including an overseas location.


Q: How long will my account stay open without activity?

Funded accounts with Physika Investments do not expire. So long as the account is in good standing, with a cash balance or metals in storage, your account remains open and ready for your use.


Q: Can I add metals I already own to my account?

Yes.  Customers may include metals they already own to their “portfolio”. This will allow you to keep track of your metals and get current market pricing of those metals, as if you were to sell those metals to Physika Investments’ dealer network. Customer can also send in their precious metals for storage and/or sale.


Q: What makes Physika Investments different from other precious metal dealers?

Physika Investments is very different from other precious metals acquisition options.  Our online trading platform is easy to use and allow you to make buying and selling decisions in real time. Imagine getting pricing any time you want it!  We also provide team of support staff available by phone at 844-PHYSIKA (844-749-7452) to help answer your questions.


There is no minimum order to purchase metals in your Physika Investments account. Our no-minimum-purchase policy applies to all myPhysika™® account types – individual, joint, corporate, partnership, sole proprietorship, LLC, trust account, IRA, and UTMA – and is available on every order, whether it is for delivery or for storage at any of our U.S. and international vaulting locations.


Physika Investments offers a multiple storage options for your physical precious metals through recognized non-bank vaulting partners throughout the world.  We provide storage for your metal, for on your behalf, in a safe, secure and insured location.


Our platform easily gives you the option to buy, store, sell, physical precious metals quickly and effortlessly. When you sell your metals, your proceeds are deposited directly into your myPhysika™ account.


Q: I live outside the United States. Can I open a myPhysika™® account?

Current banking regulations require Physika Investment accounts to be domiciled in the U.S., though your precious metals can be stored in insured vaults either inside or outside of the U.S.


If you ever become at all concerned about your U.S. account you can sell or transfer your metals, or the proceeds from the sale of your metals, to the destination of your choice, including one outside of the U.S.


Q: Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to open a myPhysika™® account?

No. U.S. regulations require that we establish the identity of all account holders, whether or not they are U.S. citizens.


Q: If I live outside the U.S. can I open a myPhysika™TM account with non-U.S. Dollar currencies?

Yes. However, all metal trades are performed in U.S. dollar denominations therefore your currency will need to be converted in U.S. dollars before you can trade. Physika Investments can exchange your currency (for a processing transaction fee) or you can exchange your currency to U.S. dollars to funding your account.


Q: How easy is it to use the online trading platform?

It is very simple and intuitive.  If you have experience using an online brokerage account, such as Schwab or eTrade, you’ll have absolutely no problem buying and selling metals with the Physika Investments.


If you do, or are concerned about making the correct trade, please call us at 844-PHYSIKA (844-749-7452) and we will assist you with your trade.


Q: If I need to place my order by telephone, is that possible?

Yes.  Our customer support staff is available by telephone from 8 AM to 5 PM Central Standard Time on weekdays, excluding market holidays, if you’d like to make a trade by phone call toll-free at (844) 749-7452. (International callers can dial (312-754-9900.)  There is no fee for this service.





Q: When I sell, what happens to my money?

By default, the proceeds of any sale are deposited into your account.  From there, you may use the funds to purchase other assets or have them sent to you via check or wire transfer.


Q: How long does it to get my money after I sell metals?

If you are selling metal that we are providing storage for you, the trades settlement can take up to two full business days. Once your trade has settled, you can then wire money out of your account or request a check.


If you are selling metal which you have possession, you have 48 hours to send us the metal so we can assay and confirm the trade. Upon confirmation, your trade has settled and you can then wire money out of your account or request a check.


Q: When buying or selling, when does my price lock?

Your final price is determined upon the execution of your order.


Q: If I sell, what currency will I be paid in?

All trades are settled in U.S. dollars, regardless of where your gold is stored.


Q: I am a U.S. citizen, if I sell can I have the proceeds wired into a non-U.S. bank and in the currency of my choice?

Payments are made to customers in U.S. dollars.  If you have an existing foreign bank account, we can wire the funds to that bank.  That account should be set up in advance in the standing wire instructions for your account.


If you prefer to receive your proceeds in a different currency, you have the option to take delivery of your gold and sell it to a local dealer or Physika Investments can exchange into the currency of your choice, with a transaction processing fee.


Q: Is the Physical Precious Metal allocated to just me?

When you buy from Physika Investments the gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, you ordered is bought on your behalf and either shipped directly to you or stored in the vault of the location you chose when you ordered.


Q: Do you offer pooled accounts?

No.  All of your metals are fully segregated in the vaults.


Q: What type of coins and bars do we sell?

We mostly provide recognized bullion coins from the U.S., Royal Canadian, Perth, Chinese, and South African mints. Bars are largely produced by refineries and they can also sell to coins producers that manufacturer numismatic coins


Q: How can I be assured that I actually got what I paid for?

We only purchase bars from the industry’s top wholesalers and dealers.  Our sovereign coins are from the world’s largest bullion dealers.


Q: Can I put in a stop-loss should the price go down?



Q: Can I short a position on the metal?

No. Physika Investments only supplies physical precious metals, not futures or options contracts. There is no leverage, margin, pooling, or other risk to your physical metal holdings.





Q: Can I change my mind about how I store my metals?

Yes.  You can request that some or all of your stored metals be shipped to you at any time. You can also elect for us to provide storage of your metals.


Q: Can I stored IRA metals outside of the United States?

We offer storage in Zurich for gold American Eagles held in an IRA.  Because gold American Eagles are legal tender, they can be held offshore in an IRA through the Physika Investments.


Q: How does shipping my metal work?

Upon electing to ship metal directly to you during the initial purchase, there is a flat $30 shipping charge for U.S. domestic destinations on trades with less than 15 ounces of Gold, Platinum or Palladium or 300 ounces of Silver.


There is no free shipping for destinations outside the U.S. Shipping costs vary depending on the value and weight of the requested delivery. The shipping costs are provided during the storage selection process.  Quotes for shipping can be obtained prior to ordering.


Q: Can you ship to a P.O. Box?

No.  To securely transport your metal, the delivery requires a signature.


Q: What happens if my metal is lost or damaged during shipment?

All shipments are insured for their full transactional value. If your shipment is damaged or does not arrive, contact us immediately so we can remedy the situation.


Q: How are my metals shipped to me?

Depends on the size, weight, and value of your shipment. Most shipments will arrive in a small, non-descriptive package or box. Special arrangements can be made for armored delivery for large or high-value shipments. Please contact us to inquire about special delivery options.


Q: Can I send the delivery to another address?

No, however you can change your address of record. After you have done this, and it has been confirmed by us, you can request shipment to the new address.



Storage Facilities


Q: What storage facilities may I choose from?

Currently, we offer facilities owned and operated by the world’s largest and most respected vaulting organizations: IDS, Brinks, G4S, and Malca-Amit. These locations are in the U.S. (Delaware, New York, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City), as well as in the UK (London), Canada (Toronto), Switzerland (Zurich), Australia (Sydney), China (Shanghai and Hong Kong) and Singapore.


Q: How do I know my metals are really in the vault?

Our records are reconciled with the vaults on a daily basis.  Once every quarter, the contents belonging to Physika Investments’ customers at each vault are verified by an international accounting firm.


Q: How do I know my metals are secured and insured?

The vaults are run by some of the world’s most highly respected security professionals. These vaults house gold for international banks, governments, and others who require absolute security and complete audit-ability, as we do.  All have round-the-clock armed physical security and state-of-the-art electronic protection. Additionally, all vaults are insured for the full replacement value of their contents.


Q: How can I store my existing metals?

Our customer support staff is available by telephone from 8 AM to 5 PM Central Standard Time on weekdays, excluding market holidays, if you’d like to make arrangement for storage call toll-free at (844) 749-7452. (International callers dial 312-754-9900.)


Q: Can I move my metals from one location to another?

No. Instead, you would have to take delivery of your metals and then send your metals to the other location. You could also sell in one location and buy for another.


Q: How does the vault separate my metals from someone else’s?

If you purchase bars that have serial numbers, you will be provided with the serial numbers for those in your account.  Bullion is managed in shared storage and not tracked by individual coins.  However, the full balance of all accounts is kept in the vault at all times.  Your full holdings are completely accounted for at all times.


Q: Can I store at different locations?

Yes, you can have your metals stored in any of the vault locations we provide. You will have a choice each time you make a purchase.


Q: Can I see my metals at the storage location?

For security reasons, no one except authorized representatives who have been thoroughly screened is allowed into the facilities.  This includes only facility operations personnel and independent auditors who meet the security requirements of the facility operators. Should you want to make a request to visit a storage location that is holding your metals, please contact us well in advance so we can attempt to make arrangement.



My Account


Q: Is the cash in my account FDIC insured?

Cash in your account is not FDIC insured, and it does not bear interest.  Your metal holdings, however, are insured for their full value.  Cash in your account is held by a major U.S. bank in a Physika Investments LLC master account.


Q: Can I cancel a trade?

Your order is processed also immediately thus canceling an order is not possible after it has been executed.


Q: I am a U.S. citizen. Are trades reported to the IRS?

U.S. laws do not regulate the purchase of physical precious metals. However, if you sell, the IRS requires us to report the gross proceeds on Form 1099.


Q: How do I know the cash in my myPhysika™ account is safe?

Physika Investments has internally segregated your funds upon receipt. Your cash will be secured until you either buy/sell metals or request a return of your funds. IRA funds are custodian by New Direction IRA, Inc. Should you choose to transfer your IRA to another IRA, New Direction or their 3rd party administrator will manage the transfer of funds.



Other Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I use my stored metals to take out a loan or line of credit?



Q: Can I trade one metal for another? For example, gold for silver.

To exchange one metal for another, you must sell the first metal and allow the transaction to settle, then purchase the other metal.


Q: What should I buy coins or bars?

In general, we suggest you purchase the product that sells best in your chosen market.   All markets offer gold bars, which are generally considered to have the best liquidity.


Q: Why do the metal prices vary on myPhysika™ versus other dealers?

Prices do vary depending on where you purchase and sell the metal. Generally larger dealers can provide the most attractive pricing due to their volumes. Additionally, pricing can vary greatly, not only within the U.S., but internationally due to the supply and demand than can effect some products. One advantage of Physika Investments’ trading platform is it can allow you to research pricing alternatives while being able to get up to the minute pricing on

our platform. We also provide instant liquidity should you decide to sell your metal.


How to get Started


If you are ready to open your Physical Precious Metals myPhysika™ account, you can do so right now with no funding required until after your account has been opened. (Funding is required within 24 hours of your account’s approval)  To get started now, simply click the "Request an Account" button above to access our ultra-secure application form.



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