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Physika has the state-of-the-art Physical Precious Metals trading and operations platform for the institutional investor community.  Physika’s technology allows for buying, storing, and selling of physical gold, silver, platinum, or palladium on our online trading portal. All physical holdings can be reported into an institution’s existing reporting software or fully integrated on an order management system.


Through Physika, institutional investors can store their Physical Precious Metals holdings in a safe and secure manner:

  • Bullion is stored at non-bank vaulting facilities
  • Title is held in the client/fund’s name, removing all counter-parties between the owner and the custodian
  • Storage is offered in four U.S. locations - Delaware, New York, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City. Storage also offered in seven international locations - Toronto, London, Zurich, Shanghai, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
  • Completely integrated solution for seamless trading – logistics, reporting, statements etc.
  • Internationally recognized accounting firm physically verifies each bar at least annually
  • Holdings are fully insured for replacement value


Advantages of investing in Physical Precious Metals through Physika:

  • Removes a layer of counter-party risk - storage provided at third-party, commercial vaulting providers; not large financial institutions
  • Better liquidity - liquidity of the underlying asset, not of a share in a trust
  • Best execution - online trading platform to buy and sell assets 5AM-11PM Monday -Thursday; 5AM-4:15PM Friday; 5PM-11PM Sunday
  • Diversify holdings geographically by storing in various locations around the world
  • Diversify portfolio holdings into unencumbered real, tangible assets
  • Physical delivery to virtually anywhere in the world
  • No 13F filings (as with paper assets); physical precious metals are not securities



Physika is offering allocated units of Physical Precious Metals to clients. Allocated units of Physical Precious Metals represents the purchase and holding of physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars and coins which are transported and stored on a fully allocated, insured and physically segregated basis in approved vaults for the benefit of the client. Allocated refers to the fact that the client itself will own the Physical Precious Metal. Client may only acquire whole bars and coins.


Physika is the first technology company to offer the wealth management industry direct online access to content, news, and the most secure and transparent platform for acquiring, transporting and storing Physical Precious Metals for their clients'.


World-class Technology & Operations Platform

Physika has designed and implemented a fully integrated, flexible platform that provides easy order entry, execution, logistics management, and client services solutions.

  • Solutions can be customized to match how a financial institution does business
  • Focus is on providing superior service by partnering with best in class service providers
  • Seamless and easy order entry
  • Managed / fee-based account applicable


Transparent and Risk-Free Business Model

  • Physika is not a broker-dealer
  • Physika does not engage in any derivative, hedging or trading activities
  • Leverage will not be used to increase asset base
  • Physika purchases and sales will be executed immediately - in cash


Best-in-class Partnerships with Industry Leading Companies

  • Approved Wholesalers and Dealers - LBMA/LPPM recognized brands
  • Auditing: an internationally recognized auditing firm (through vaulting partners) on a quarterly basis
  • Transportation & Vaulting: Approved third-party, commercial vaulting partners
  • Insurance: Lloyd's of London (through vaulting partners)
  • Transaction Processing: myPhysika™ account management



Physika Investments provides a secure, transparent and convenient service for Independent Investment Advisors, Institutional Investors, Wealth managers, to buy, store, and sell Physical Precious Metals. Physika’s online trading platform will allow for directly managing the purchase, transportation, storage, record keeping, verification and sale of allocated units of gold, silver, platinum and palladium in their account. The Physical Precious Metals are stored in protected and insured vaults – decided by you – located in Delaware, Los Angeles, New York, and Salt Lake City. We also offer international storage locations in Toronto, London, Zurich, Shanghai, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Investors also have the option to take delivery.




“Allocated” Whole Bar Storage

  • Physika stores and secures physical precious metals on an “allocated” whole bar basis whereby precious metals are held
    in the vault specifically on behalf of each client
  • Client has the right to verify their precious metal holdings






Because the most valuable asset is peace of mind.




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